Welcome to Bisley Contracting

We at Bisley pride ourselves on a wealth of building expertise developed over many years in almost every area of construction. Strengthening that still further, our expert direct labour force coupled with hands-on directors and senior managers enable us to consistently meet the challenges and quality control that many larger companies struggle to achieve.

This includes real attention to detail and fine craftsmanship; a commitment which is consistently proved by the successful delivery of high class and listed building refurbishments, remodelling and renovation contracts on a wide variety of buildings across London and the South-East.

We have a great portfolio of works with the NHS, Healthcare Institutions and Education sectors – a fine reputation which means that excellent references can be provided for all sectors. Repeat business is very important to us and so is our reputation as a trustworthy construction partner.

We would like to think that, within reason, no contract is too small or too large for us to handle to high standards. However, we focus on areas of key strength and generally welcome opportunities to tender for contracts from as little as £20,000 to £2m.

Call us on T: 01959 569122 enquiries@bisleycontracting.co.uk